Inspection Chambers

Inspection Chambers

Inspection Chamber Manufacturers in Delhi made Inspection chambers devices that installed in drainage and sewage pipes as access points that allow for inspection, cleaning, and maintenance needed to be installed where multiple drainage lines are connected the more access points a pipeline has it is to maintain it timely and remove if any blockage.

These are made up of EN 13598-1 material known for its resistance to acids and bases as these are installed in pipelines so this needs to be made with the best material. There are different parts in the inspection chamber playing different roles combined to be a useful device. It has three parts:

Inspection Chamber Manufacturers in Delhi

Inspection chamber base- 

This is the bottom section of the chamber that is installed nearly to the drains to remove the blockages. These come in different sizes installed to best suit your project and fulfil your requirements.

Inspection chamber riser-

Middle section of the chamber where the base and riser are sealed together with a rubber. The riser comes in different heights and also can be cut as needed to connect the base and the cover.

Inspection chamber cover-

Topmost section and the most important one to avoid the risk and unauthorized access and for safety purposes. This is the important one so it needs to be good in size, material, and weight to match with the requirements.



Where a branch pipe meets the main drainage pipe in the underground drainage system


Where there is a straight run of underground drain, Inspection Chambers need to be installed at specific intervals for maintenance purpose


Where there is a change in the drainage direction


Where there is a change in the gradient


Where there is a change in the drainage size

Product Features | Inspection Chamber Manufacturers in Delhi

Inspection Chamber Manufacturers in Delhi

Single piece structure for easy installation and leak-free joints

Inspection Chamber Manufacturers in Delhi

Socket, spigot and side inlet connections with rubber sealing ring

Inspection Chamber Manufacturers in Delhi

Resistant to floating due to ribs and collar provided on external surface of riser/shaft

Inspection Chamber Manufacturers in Delhi

Abrasion resistant

Inspection Chamber Manufacturers in Delhi

Smooth inside invert surface for high hydraulic capacity

Inspection Chamber Manufacturers in Delhi

Chemical resistant

Inspection Chamber Manufacturers in Delhi

About 2° slope provided for gravity flow in Inspection Chamber base

Inspection Chamber Manufacturers in Delhi

Light weight


Underground Double Wall Corrugated Pipes


Underground DWC Pipes


Underground DWC Pipes

Storm water & surface water drainage

Inspection Chamber Manufacturers in Delhi

Industrial liquid

Inspection Chamber Manufacturers in Delhi

Highway & road drainage

Inspection Chamber Manufacturers in Delhi made this smaller in comparison to manholes. Both are accessible for the stop of blockage but inspection chambers do not need a physical entry for cleaning drains installation at intervals or junctions is better and useful.

Inspection Chamber Manufacturers in Delhi made  a chamber that will useful in many ways. It has many benefits and provides easy access timely to avoid unresolved overflow of leakage. These pipes are leak-free so there is no need for a checkup in between you can trust their solidity and longevity.

The product comes in different sizes for easy installation of inspection chambers where needed also there are different materials used in manufacturing there are two types of inspection chambers in the market to best match the needs one is plastic chambers and another is concrete chambers depending on their application.

Plastic chambers are extra in used where physical entry is not required. Concrete ones are best if you need maintenance by physical entry. Also, its application has two different types: Changeable and Unchangeable.

If an inspection chamber serves two to three access points and is connected to the main part it is known to be as changeable where continual need of maintenance is not required it is used to be known as unchangeable. It is advised to not install it on its own it is a technical process a tiny mistake can cause a mistake.

Inspection chambers are dangerous because of their congested space you should go for a trained professional to install them and also carry out the maintenance and cleaning of blockages. A Inspection Chamber Manufacturers in Delhi will do it more appropriately with accessible tools and techniques doing it not in a guide of expertness is a warning to the users.

Product Sizes

Inspection Chambers are available in sizes 315mm & 600mm and suitable for invert depth.

Inspection Chamber Manufacturers in Delhi

315mm Inspection Chamber

Inspection Chamber Manufacturers in Delhi

600mm Inspection Chamber with closed side inlets

Inspection Chamber Manufacturers in Delhi

600mm Inspection Chamber with open side inlets


The base of Corfit Inspection Chamber is cooperative with below underground drainage pipes:

Size of Inspection ChamberDrainfit Pipes as per IS 15328Foamfit Pipes as per IS 16098 - Part 1Corfit Pipes as per IS 16098 - Part 2
600mm Base110mm110mm100mm
315mm Base110mm*110mm*100mm

It is also compatible with other underground drainage pipes available in the market as per the above mentioned standards.


  1. makes sure the channnel unearthing is at least 300mm wide on each side of the chamber base considering the characteristics of natural soil.
  2. Level the channel bottom and prepare covers of minimum 100mm sand. makes sure that sand and channel base do not have sharp edges, big size stones or sand particles.
  3. Clean the chamber base socket and riser pipe. Then apply lubricants on the rubber ring.
  4. Position the chamber on the bed and connect the main trunk sewer line to chamber inlet. In case, sand bedding is low, increase the height and connect the chamber base inlet to main sewer line.
  5. Use the spirit bubble level scale for leveling the top of the chamber base.
  6. Cover the main sewer pipe 200-300mm with backfilled/sand material.
  7. The chamber is now firmly set on the main sewer line and is ready to connect laterals.
  8. Connect laterals and trunk outlet to chamber base sockets. All unused inlets, if open, should be plugged.
  9. Cut the inspection chamber with the help of a fine-toothed saw to fit into the required height.
  10. Inspection chambers are provided with ribs at a distance of 50mm for 600mm diameter and at 32mm for 315mm diameter to cut according to invert depth suitability as per site condition.
  11. Fill granular material (similar to bedding material) around the chamber.
  12. Backfilling of the trench should be carried out in successive uniform compacted layers of 200-300mm with good practice around entire circumference of the inspection chamber. Ensure backfill material from stone size of 40mm (1½”), lumps clay greater than 90mm (3”) and timber or other material that could prevent sound compaction.
  13. Prevent the compactor equipment/ backfill material from knocking with inspection chamber during compaction & backfill.
  14. It is necessary to compact the soil with the minimum Standard Proctor Density (SPD) of  90% with regular to heavy traffic.
  15. Keep backfill level 60mm/ 90mm below the top of the inspection chamber.
  16. Put the RCC/ Fulcrum concrete ring having minimum height of 85mm around the top of inspection chamber. The purpose of RCC/ Fulcrum concrete ring is to transmit the vehicle load towards the lower layers of the road, thus avoiding direct loading on the chamber.
  17. The distance between outer diameter of inspection chamber and inside of fulcrum concrete ring must be minimum 10mm on each side. This assures the weight (static load of chamber cover and vehicular load) is not transferred directly on chamber assembly.

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