HDPE And DWC Pipes Uses And Difference | DWC Pipes in Delhi

HDPE pipes

HDPE And DWC Pipes Uses And Difference | DWC Pipes in Delhi

HDPE pipes or high-density polythene pipes are used to transfer fluids and gases. The pipes are made through the process of hurl in which HDPE material is heated to a semi-molten stage and then press to form a tube later on when it cools down, the pipes are cut to the desired length. This process makes the process good and low spongy and then used in various ways such as water supply, gas supply, sewage and drainage system, and many other industrial processes.

Features of HDPE pipes

–         HDPE pipes are highly flexible which makes them easy to use in any construction or usage of the pipes. These pipes can be easily bent don’t broke and conveniently used according to needs.

–         HDPE pipes are long-lasting and can survive in any situation like high temperature, exposure to sunlight, and any other risk.

–         These pipes are low spongy which means leakproof and can be easily used for the transfer of any fluid or gas.

–         These pipes are chemical resistant and can be used for transfers of acid, alkalis, salt, etc without any damage to it.

–         HDPE pipes are much less in weight than traditional pipes made up of concrete or still.

–         These pipes are also less expensive than traditional pipes and are made with recyclable materials.

– Its quality is dedicated to long services that can be used for decades without any replacement.

double wall corrugated pipes
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Uses of HDPE pipes

–         These pipes are made with food-grade polythene so that they can be used in the transfer of potable water. HDPE pipes are useful in water supply and can be used for both private and public needs.

–         These pipes are corrosion resistant which is why used in sewage and drainage systems and low spongy which will lead to lower leaks

–         HDPE pipes can be used in any condition because of their quality which makes them useful in the process of mining for water and muck transport.

–         These pipes are highly flexible so used in gas distribution can reach any area wisely without any leakage or broken and are highly resistant to sunlight and UV rays which makes them useful in open areas that have direct exposure to the sun.

–         For cable protection, these pipes are used as they have high resistance to chemicals and the same quality makes it useful for the transfer of chemicals.

–         Useful for any kind of industry where transportation of fluid and gases is required.

DWC pipes | DWC Pipes in Delhi

DWC Pipes in Delhi or double wall corrugated pipes are similar to HDPE pipes the only difference is that they have different external and internal materials which makes them more stiff and provide more strength in comparison. These DWC Pipes in Delhi are used where replacement of GI, RCC, and PVC pipes is required as they are highly reliable and durable. These DWC Pipes in Delhi are made with some HDPE material that ensures high life expectancy. Generally, these DWC Pipes in Delhi are used in replacing concrete pipes and sanitation systems as they have more strength and durability.

Features of DWC pipes

DWC Pipes in Delhi

–        DWC Pipes in Delhi have a long life expectancy made with HDPE pipes having a life of 50 years and more can be used by trusting.

–         They are much lighter than other concrete, GI, and CI pipes. So easy to transport and lay anywhere.

–         These pipes can be bent to any radius without any solid damage to its material which is not possible in others.

–         These pipes are anit rodent because of their usage in any kind like sewages, draining, and chemical transfers

–         These pipes do not allow the fire to propagate through it.

–         These pipes are resistant to sunlight exposure and UV rays so they can be easily used in open areas, rooftops, etc.

–         These pipes are low-cost and maintenance-free.
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Uses of DWC pipes

–        DWC Pipes in Delhi are useful in sewage and drainage systems and known for their fine quality for underground sewers and cross-drainage purposes useful in schools, hospitals, and earthquake-prone areas

–         Municipalities can use these DWC Pipes in Delhi to manage their waste and rainwater effectively. Once installed, these pipes are used over decades without any checking as they have no fear of leaking.

–         Its quality of being externally strong and internally smooth facilitates easy insertion of ducts and cables and withstand heavy loads if properly buried that’s why ideal suited for jacket/casing ducts.

–         These are useful in roads and highway cross drainage because of their strength.

–        DWC Pipes in Delhi are used as main ducts to sub-ducts in network designing.

–         Its stiffness makes it useful for wire protection in rivers and canals.

–         The pipes are also used for groundwater recharge.

–         The pipes are useful in industries as they are well suited for transporting industrial effluents and chemicals due to their chemical resistance and durability.

HDPE pipes and DWC pipes

Difference between HDPE and DWC pipes- both products have different processes, production, socket connection, and stiffness.

DWC Pipes in Delhi have more stiffness and strength than HDPE pipes as their inner and external material is different. Both pipes have their different uses and features such as HDPE pipes can’t be used for casing ducts as the material used in HDPE pipes is quite not suitable for it.

HDPE pipes can’t hold more pressure than DWC Pipes in Delhi that’s why DWC Pipes in Delhi are used for drainage passing in rivers and canals. Both the pipes have different connection methods- DWC pipes are useful in socket connection, easily sealed by a rubber sealing ring which has less installment cost but HDPE pipes are connected by hot-melt tape where you need to melt and weld the joints.

The cost difference is huge between both HDPE pipes consume a lot of raw material in comparison to DWC and costs higher than it. DWC Pipes in Delhi require heavy machinery for production as they are the result of the production of two different materials and joining them by layering whereas HDPE pipes only include excursion process diameters which don’t affect the process in HDPE pipes. DWC pipes are heavier in comparison to HDPE and require heavy cost in comparison to HDPE pipes.

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